Madi & Logan

madi and logan at a bar




Santa Cruz has a lot of places to explore!

  • Walk around UCSC, where we met (at Porter college). There's a beautiful meadow to explore! You might see a banana slug if you're lucky!
  • McHenry Library is also worth visiting, and if you walk there, you're certain to cross one of the awesome bridges in the redwood forest.
  • Henry Cowell State Park! If you want to see some giant redwoods, this is a great place! Admission is $10 for parking, but it's worth it! Our wedding ceremony is at the Cathedral Grove inside Henry Cowell!


There are a ton of great places to eat in Santa Cruz!

  • For a quick delicious bagel, check out The Bagelry near downtown.
  • If you're in the mood for a sandwich, Zoccoli's Delicatessen downtown has awesome food.
  • If you're looking for a place to sit down, have a beer, and some good tapas, try out Lupulo Kitchen downtown.
  • For an amazing breakfast (Sunday morning???) make sure to visit Zacharay's. I dream about the scrambles (and sourdough pancakes!!!) from this place!


Check out the local beer scene!

  • Woodhouse Brewing of course!!!
  • For a great brewery (with awesome food trucks as well), check out Humble Sea! Fun fact, we almost had our wedding there but because of the potential of rain it was ruled out. They also likely have Humble Sea beer on tap at the hotel bar, so give that a shot! Socks & Sandals is Madi's favorite!
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing on the west side also has really great beer, and there are a few other wineries, breweries, and restaurants nearby.
  • If you want to get __rowdy__, visit the red room downtown. Be warned: it is a DIVE.